One of our employees
pressure washing
walls at a client's business
with our 4,000 PSI pressure
washing equipment..




Our equipment is the best in the business




KLEAN, INC. places great emphasis on security and safety practices within your office as they pertain to the maintenance.

Because we care about the safety of both our employees and that of our customers we use only OSHA regulated chemicals for cleaning and train each of our employees thoroughly on the use of each solution.

Keeping a working environment clean and tidy is not only an essential hygiene requirement but it can also boost moral and even increase productivity.

Quality and innovation are trademarks for KLEAN, Inc. From our portable carpet extractors and carpet cleaning equipment to hot water extractors, wet/dry cleaning equipment, to carpet spotters, pressure washers and other equipment, our cleaning machines are designed with the latest in cleaning technology, durability and are backed by exclusive warranties.

Our products are known for quality, dependability and high performance equipment.

Each product undergoes extensive research, design, engineering, and testing to provide our customers with the finest in cleaning technology.


Power Boss

Our state of the art equipment gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Shown above is our 52" automatic scrubber called the Power Boss which is used to clean warehouse floors.
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